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29th May

I just filled out application 'helper'. Here is my submission for your consideration:

Helper = 1. Why do I want to be Helper/Mod/Admin? I want to be helper because I love helping on servers. 2.How will effect the community? I will effect it because I to have a youtube channel. This means that I can advertise on my server on my YT channel. 3. Why should I of all people should get helper/mod/admin? Well. I have gotten helper on one server, Mod on another, even Co Owner and Admin. I am very responsible. But I try to keep it of a limit of one server that I am staff on so that I can be fully committed. 4. Have I got banned on another server before and if so why? I once got permanently banned on Hypixel. But it wasn't for hacking or for spam. It was for account security. I appealed and I was unbanned. I don't understand how my account was hacked, but I am glad that I can play minecraft on Hypixel. 5. Will I be respectful to the members of our server and website? No matter what position I get, it is always important to be respectful. Answering that question, I will be respectful.
Forum » Forums » News & Announcements
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