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Kyeii's Head Staff Application
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Joined: 29th May 2018
Rank: Sr.Admin
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28th Jun 2018

IGN - TBNRkyeii (Old Igns are Colby8859, Kyeii, and ImYoutuberRank) 
1. How old are you
I am 18 years old of age. I used to be 17 years old, but I recently turned 18 on June 15. 
2. have you joined our discord? if so what is your discord name and number
Yes I have joined the discord server. My discord name is 03BlackBear. My number is 6533. 
3.Have you already applied?
Yes I have applied. I did get accepted to be Head Staff and Head Admin but I heard that I have to reapply. I have to reapply because the Co Owners did not see my application. The only one who saw my previous application was the Owner. long have you been playing pvpgames
I have played for about a week, maybe longer. It may not seem like I have played for a week, but I did. I took a break from the server because I forgot the ip address. You may be asking, how did you forget the address. Well, I recently resetted my pc because it was making Minecraft lag a lot and the servers never worked. will you help the  server
I can help the server PvpGames, because I know how to use permissions ex. I am really good with coding and have tooken some classes of Java. I am not the best coder, but I do know how to code plugins for the server. 
6.why should we select YOU.
You should select me on the server because  I have previous experience of being a staff member before. I have been a Co Owner, Admin, Builder, Mod, and Helper on a server. But don't worry, I am not staff on multiple servers at once. I am very trustworthy and I would wait myself 9 out of 10 of maturity. My maturity level is only 9 because you can never be 100% guaranteed. 
7.have you ever been staff on a server?
I have been staff on a server before and have plenty of staff experience. Although, I have been staff on a server, I will never be staff on 2 servers at once. It is simply too much to handle, and a staff member should only focus on one. 
8.will you promise to not abuse?
I swear and cross my heart that I will never abuse on the Pvp Games network. 
9. will you listen to you mentor
No matter who my mentor is, I will listen and obey to my mentor.
10.Will you go through the helper training?
Yes, I would love to go through the helper training. 
11. will you help out people in need?
The reason I love being staff is because you get to help others in need. You answer their questions,  and help them with anything related to the server. That is a yes, I will help out people in need. 

12.NOTE u must have played on the server for at least a full week
Yes, I fully understand this. 
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